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    You can find the regulation here

    You can find the regulation here

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Arco Rock Star is the international event dedicated to the climbing photography. Some selected professional and open teams will compete in taking the best climbing photos on Arco’s mountains, the capital city in Europe for outdoor sports. Two days in which the teams, which are composed by a photographer and two/three athletes, will have to “search for” the best photograph, by capturing the athletic action (section: climb) and by showing everything there is around climbing (section: “around climbing”): the laughs, the journey, the sharing, the environment, the approach. The best pictures of the two categories, pro and open, will receive a money prize and a material prize. All the members, OPEN and PRO, can take part in the LaSportiva Anniversary section, a special award celebrating LaSportiva’s 90th anniversary. the “Anniversary” contest will be a tribute to climbing and alpinism of the past, supported since its beginnings by the Trentino brand. The award-winning, climbing-themed photo will be the one that, with greater imagination, emotion and beauty, will tell the essence of mountaineering of the past through atmosphere, garments or equipment.