Arco Rock Star


L’ARS is the international climbing photography event. The third edition will be held in Garda Trentino on the 21st-22nd of April 2018.


The contest is divided into two categories: a category reserved for a limited number of professional photographers (called PRO) and one open to all enthusiasts (called OPEN). Each team consists of a maximum of three athletes and a photographer.


The PRO teams will be invited by the organization at its unquestionable choice. Applications and curricula can be sent to

The OPEN teams can register through the corresponding page of the website and can pay with PayPal, or at the event, by 9 am on the 21st of April 2018.

The participation fee for each team is 30 euros. Those who are not registered with a CONI affiliate can obtain basic insurance coverage by signing (free of charge) the daily card US ACLI, a body affiliated with 3parentesi outdoor ssd arl. In the case of purchase of the card US ACLI must observe the rules set by the body in terms of data transmission and medical certificate.


The PRO team will have to turn in 4 photographs: 2 with the “climbing” theme, 2 with the “around climbing” theme – the landscape, the approach, the outdoor, friendships, lifestyle etc. – necessarily taken during the contest. The evaluation of the photos will also be done based on their narrative ability; the 4 photos will be evaluated as a whole, like an “album” or a “reportage”.

The OPEN team will have to turn in 2 photographs: 1 with the “climbing” theme, 1 with the “around climbing” theme – the landscape, the approach, the outdoors, friendships etc . – necessarily taken during the contest.

All the members, OPEN and PRO, can take part in the LaSportiva Anniversary section, a special award celebrating LaSportiva’s 90th anniversary. The “Anniversary” contest will be a tribute to the climbing and alpinism of the past, supported since its beginnings by the Trentino brand. The award-winning, climbing-themed photo will be the one that, with greater imagination, emotion and beauty, will tell the essence of mountaineering of the past through atmosphere, garments or equipment.

For the “climbing” photography, it is mandatory to use a protective helmet. In the absence of a protective helmet, the photos will not be admitted to the selection. The photos must be taken in one of the following cliffs:  Placche di Baone – Calvario – Muro dell’Asino – Massi di Prabi – Policromuro – Abissi – Massi di Gaggiolo – Belvedere – Paso San Giovanni – Segrom – Corno di Bo’ Spiaggia delle Lucertole – Piazzole – Family San Martino.

The “around climbing” photographs must be taken in the territory of Garda Trentino, even outside the indicated cliffs, even on multipitch routes.

In all the photographs, a team athlete must be present. Even the photos of landscape, atmosphere, etc. must be photos that relate to the climbing world. Photographs without a subject and photographs with a person who is not a member of the team will not be admitted.

Warning: the cliffs – single pitch or multi-pitch – are variously equipped natural soils which by their nature expose to different types of danger: falling from above, falling rocks and unstable rocks, difficulty in retreat.

Those who stay at the foot of the cliff, who climbs or descends them must be able to correctly use protection materials and techniques. and at the same time evaluate the reliability of the rock, the equipment and the technical and physical commitment required by the itinerary. The 13 cliffs of the Outdoor Park GardaTrentino have been equipped by professionals on behalf of the public administration and subject annually to control, all the others have been freely equipped by the passionates without any control and / or maintenance. For all climbing areas – single-pitch and multi-pitch – including the 13 cliffs of the Outdoor Park it is mandatory to respect the following safety rules:

  • Always wear the safety helmet while climbing and while standing at the foot of the cliff in order to protect yourselves from falling rocks or of uncontrolled falls
  • Before starting, perform a mutual security check on harness, referrals, insurance node and the brake positioning
  • Keep away children from the foot of the cliff if they don’t have to climb. It’s not a play area
  • Attach all the returning points in the wall, a fall is always possible, even on the easiest sections
  • Never climb untied beyond the first anchor
  • Always lock the ferrule of the snap-hook used for climbing down
  • Stand under the mountain just for the time it takes to climb, and even then avoid standing on the vertical line of who’s climbing and always be careful about who is moving on the wall
  • Always check the material on the wall, especially the state of wear of the snap-hook used to climb down. In case of doubt it is better to dub it with your own snap-hook, it’s a small sacrifice compare to the potential risk.
  • In case of anomalous or dangerous situations we ask you to report it at it will be possible to send experts to evaluate the situation a make the necessary interventions
  • If you practice bouldering use the crash pad and the blocking techniques, make sure that the area of the potential fall is flat, free from obstacles and free from dangers. Limit the climbing height according to the landing ground and never climb more than 4 mt
  • Adopt adequate insurance equipment after having learned the correct use. The participants can choose the mountain on which to work on in full and complete autonomy accepting the risks involved. In each photography there must be an athlete of the team.


Sunday, April 22nd at Palazzo Marchetti, at 6.30pm, the following categories will be awarded with the following prizes.

The best PRO proposal, globally evaluated in 4 photos: € 1500.

Second and third classified PRO: material

The best OPEN proposal: 500 euros + materials

The best “Vintage” photography: a pair of La Sportiva shoes + material




The jury will be composed by Robbie Shone (President), Nicholas Hobley, Pierpaolo Calzà, Marianna Zanatta and from the staff of the Adventure Awards Days.


The teams of both categories must deliver their photos no later than 4pm on the 22nd of April 2018. The photos delivered must indicate the words ARS + the name of the photographer. The material must be delivered at the highest resolution in JPG format. The photos can be sent to, delivered with a USB drive at the AAD desk or uploading them on the following link:


The delivered photographic material can be used by exposing the credits:

– from the organization of Arco Rock Star and Adventure Awards Days

– from Garda Trentino

– by the Sponsors and partners of the event



We accept no responsibility for damage to property or persons caused by participants in the contest before, during and after the event. The observance and respect of any regulations or ordinances on the days of the event, if they should be in force, is delegated to the individual participants.